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6 Local SEO Tips to Grow Your Chandler, AZ Small Business

Devin Whyte

Is your Chandler, AZ small business struggling to attract new local customers? If you’ve followed your marketing department’s recommendations and created a new, modern website, and are running digital ads, you might wonder what else you can do.

Well, our team at Whyte CPA has a suggestion. Try focusing on your local SEO. This will help your business show up in search results when a potential customer does an online search for a company like yours, near them. 

Check out our six expert tips to use to improve your local SEO!

Basics About Local SEO

The most first thing you need to know about local SEO is what it is, and how it’s different from general search engine optimization. 

Local SEO focuses on content and keywords targeting specific locations. That way, if a prospective customer searches for a type of service near their specific location, your business can show up higher in their search results. 

When Google compiles the rankings, they focus on certain criteria. This can include how far away your business is located from the area they’re searching for, how well your business matches the services they are looking for, and how reputable your business is. 

You can meet these criteria by following our list of local SEO tips below!

#1 Tip to Grow Your Chandler Small Business Through Local SEO

Create Locations Pages on Your Website

To improve your East Valley small business’s local SEO strategy, it’s essential to create location pages on your website for each of your key service areas. 

These individual web pages allow you to target key locations with page titles, URLs, metadata descriptions, and other content elements. This will improve your local SEO and increase your chances of showing up on the first page of internet search results for services in your area.

For example, look at our Chandler, AZ page. Notice how we use terms like “CPA near Chandler, AZ” on the page? This is done purposely to show up in results if someone searches for those terms. 

Other companies are also doing this well. Check out the locations pages on these small-business sites: Tomy B. SalonCountry Creek Builders, and New Spaces. They make it feel seamless how they integrate the city name throughout the page. Country Creek Builders even includes a photo of the city to make it feel authentic and customized to that location.

#2 Tip to Grow Your Chandler Small Business Through Local SEO

Get Backlinks from Reputable Businesses

While adding location pages to your website might seem like a doable task, this next tip might seem more daunting. To improve your local SEO, it’s crucial to get backlinks from reputable businesses and websites. Google puts a lot of weight on backlinks, and they can greatly improve your search rankings.

This might initially seem intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be. 

The most important step is to find businesses that make sense for them to link to your website (and you back to their site for a backlink exchange). For example, since we offer business startup services, it would make sense for us to create a backlink exchange with a new business. 

You can pitch this as you link to their site if they link to yours, or you can write a blog post that mentions them (and they do the same), or you can even co-author a blog post together. 

Since all Chandler, AZ small businesses need backlinks to improve their SEO, this can be easier than you think to create backlink partnerships.

#3 Tip to Grow Your Chandler Small Business Through Local SEO

Gather Customer Reviews

When you work with clients, you do good work. Heck, even great work. But because you’re a small business and are likely busy, you might finish one job and then move on towards the next, without looking back. 

We are urging you to take time and follow up with customers after you complete their services. Ask them for a Google review to share their experiences with your company. You might feel like you’re bothering them, but you’re not. It will take just a few minutes, and it can have a major impact on your local SEO. Google puts a lot of stake in these reviews and prioritizes companies with numerous good reviews.

If you’re not sure how to display these reviews on your website, check out these examples from  Moderno Construction Management and Metro Duct Cleaners! They have a plethora of reviews and keep getting them. Customers need to see recent reviews when they come to your website, so putting a process in place to easily and quickly gather reviews (like sending an email to customers after your project is complete) can be useful. 

#4 Tip to Grow Your Chandler Small Business Through Local SEO

Add Local Content and Roundups to the Website

In addition to creating location pages on your website, it’s also essential to add local content and roundups throughout your website. 

You can do this by adding keyword phrases like “outsourced accounting firm near Chandler” dribbled throughout the pages. Adding these locations to headers on your landing pages is also essential to boost your local SEO.

You can also create a list of your service areas, with a map, linking to your locations pages. This will improve your navigation, while also adding more links to your key service area pages.

We’ve seen several small businesses do this really well. Check out how Ground TechPreferred 1 Concrete MNFredrickson Masonry, and The Duplex Doctors do this across their websites.

#5 Tip to Grow Your Chandler Small Business Through Local SEO

Target Key Locations in Blogs, Articles

Another way to target local cities is to target them in articles and blogs. Adding a location name in the headline of a blog, and headers throughout the article can boost local SEO. 

For example, check out this blog! We added “Chandler, AZ” to the headline and mentioned it in all headers. That will help us boost our search results when someone looks for an accounting firm in Chandler, AZ. 

Other small businesses are also doing this well. Check out the blogs on the Christian Brothers Construction and Bettencourt Construction websites.

#6 Tip to Grow Your Chandler Small Business Through Local SEO

Remarket to Key Service Areas

Our last – but certainly not least – local SEO tip to grow your Chandler, AZ small business is to remarket to key locations. After a prospect engages with your ads or visits your website, follow up with ads and emails that mention a specific city. This will draw their attention and will make it more tempting for them to open the email or click on the ad.


We hope that these tips provide you with some ideas to boost your local SEO and help you attract new customers to your Chandler, AZ small business.

If you need more help in growing your business, or to learn about our bookkeeping, payroll, and tax reduction services, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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