Get the Most of Your S-Corp

Whyte CPA helps setup & maximize S-Corps for small business

Get An S-Corp Setup For You by Whyte CPA

One of the best ways small business can protect themselves and possibly save a great deal in taxes, is to convert to be taxed as an S-Corporation.

We help businesses convert to an S-Corp, and then we guide them to get the most tax savings & benefit from them.

Convert to S-Corp & Stay Compliant.

Whether you're making $70,000 or $270,000 in net profits a year, we can help you be wise with your S-Corp.

S-Corps might help you lower your self employment taxes & also create asset protection in the process.

We will analyze your financials, and then decide if becoming an S-Corp is a good idea.

Compliant & Turn-Key

Whyte CPA has an outsourced accounting service available along with our S-Corp analysis and setup, which keeps your S-Corp compliant, helps you make wise decisions around your salary & distribution, and pays in your taxes throughout the year so you don't have surprises.

Whyte CPA S-Corp Services Include:

  • S-Corp Setup or Conversion
  • Setting up Payroll & Making Salary Decisions
  • Paying taxes throughout the year to avoid surprises
  • File your S-Corp taxes at the end of the year
  • Provide oversight & run your payroll
  • Keep your books up to date
  • Cleanup your accounting so it's done to perfection
  • Perform monthly bookkeeping to keep pristine financial

You might be able to save thousands in taxes with an S-Corp

We can't make any promises, but chances are that you'll save a great deal in social security & medicare taxes if you convert to an S-Corp and carefully obey the rules.

Combine an S-Corp tax savings with small business retirement plan to save dramatic amounts in taxes.

You can write off huge profit share contributions, or 'employer contributions" from the corporation into a SEP IRA , individual 401k, or even a SIMPLE IRA

Get Year-Round Tax Reduction Planning, Bookkeeping & Tax Guidance.

We don't just setup your S-Corp & handle your books and accounting, we'll make sure you're doing everything possible to reduce taxes, save time, get pristine financials and avoid problems with IRS by staying compliant.

We're not your typical accountant, rather than work with hundreds of individuals, we only work with a small group of small businesses that want an integrated service with tax reduction planning, tax returns, bookkeeping & payroll together.

Get a One-Stop Tax & Accounting Solution

Gone are the days where you need to bring together your staff, with a bookkeeper and a separate tax CPA.  We will serve as your outsourced accountant for a flat monthly fee and help you scale your business profitably, and help you keep as much of your hard earned money as possible.

We'll make it easy to run a business, and we'll always be available to answer your questions.

Never Overpay in Tax Again

We'll perform a deep dive on your taxes to discover if an S-Corp is right for you.

We'll File the S-Corp Paperwork & Systems

If an S-Corp is a good idea, Whyte CPA will do all the paperwork and help you get the most benefit possible

S-Corp Tax Returns & Bookkeeping Done

We'll do all the bookkeeping, tax and payroll required to run your S-Corp, you just enjoy the savings!

A Reputation You Can Count On

We've worked hard to become credible,
here's a bit of what you'll get from Whyte CPA.

Certified Public Accountant

Quickbooks Pro Advisor

5-Star Google Reviews

Never Waste Staff Time or
Overpay in Taxes Again.

Most business owners overpay in taxes, get stuck wasting time doing their own accounting & fail to scale because their accountant isn't great.

Our unique outsourced accounting service will help you keep more of your money and keep your team focused on their strengths.
Business Taxes & Tax Reduction Planning

We prepare and file business taxes with a focus on identifying ways to keep more of what you earn.

Immaculate Financials & Prompt Bookkeeping

Your financials will be setup perfectly, and we'll keep them up to date with prompt bookkeeping services.

No More Unnecessary Staff or Wasted Time

We'll finish the accounting in a fraction of the time it takes your team, and we'll save you from hiring more employees than necessary.

Scale Beyond Your Abilities with CFO Guidance

Executive level financial experience & knowledge is difficult for most entrepreneurs, we'll serve as your CFO.

Whyte CPA Tax & Accounting
Whyte CPA Tax & Accounting
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