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Business Tax Preparation

Whyte CPA provides business tax returns for LLC's, 1099, S-Corps, Schedule C, Partnerships and C-Corps
Excellent Value & Competence

We pride ourselves in delivering an excellent value in business tax returns, you'll want to work with us.

Done Promptly & Correctly

We're disciplined in our tax preparation, and we'll keep you ahead of deadlines and get it done to perfection.

Tax Reduction Analysis

When you get your taxes done by Whyte CPA, you'll also get an in-depth analysis on what you can do to lower your taxes.

Business Tax Returns Scottsdale Arizona

Business Tax Preparation Services by Whyte CPA

How certain are you that you’re not overpaying in taxes?

If you need your small business tax returns prepared and filed for you, then you are in the right place.

Here at Whyte  CPA, we don't do tax returns for the broad public, we focus on providing small business tax preparation and outsourced accounting services, which means that we get to pay a great deal more attention on a smaller group of customers.

The typical accounting firm helps hundreds or thousands of individuals.

Rather than help hundreds of low impact tax return clients, we will help your business get actual results.

Business tax returns we do:

  • S corporation tax returns
  • LLC tax returns
  • Tax returns for 1099
  • Tax returns for partnerships
  • Tax returns for subcontractors
  • Tax returns for C corpse

Tax returns with a focus on tax reduction planning

When you work with us, not only are we going to prepare your small business tax returns and do them excellently, we're also going to be examining your tax returns for opportunities to reduce your overall tax burden moving forward.

Few things are as important as reducing your taxes as a small business owner, because it's a bottom line deduction that actually represents the profits from a large amount of revenue. You owe it to your staff, family, and society to ensure that you are doing everything possible to maximize the profitability of your company which means not over paying in taxes

Don't settle for transactional tax preparation

Whatever you do, don't simply file your taxes at the end of the year and miss out on the opportunity to make decisions and implement strategies throughout the current year, which will actually help you reduce your overall taxes.

If you are waiting till the end of the year to talk about taxes for your business, there's a high probability that you are overpaying in taxes.

What are some of the things that business owners miss out on that causes them to overpay in taxes?

Causes of Overpaid Taxes:
  • Having the wrong business entity
  • Not maximizing the tax reduction opportunities of an S corporation
  • Missing out on giant deductions and government programs
  • Not correctly recognizing revenue and reporting it
  • Making mistakes in their bookkeeping
  • Not proactively moving their money to tax advantage strategies
  • Not using small business retirement plans
  • Missing out on opportunities like hiring your kids
  • Not utilizing real estate strategies

Are you certain you're not overpaying in taxes?

This year, when you get your small business tax returns done, bring them to our team here at Whyte  CPA, and we will perform an analysis to identify opportunities to reduce your taxes, and keep more of the money that you earn. Whether it's reducing your Social Security taxes and Medicare taxes through an S corporation strategy, or if it's simply encouraging you to make purchases and investments during the proper time, we're almost always able to find ways to put more money back into your bank account

Don’t go another year without getting the attention and guidance you deserve.

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Tax Reduction Planning

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We'll setup, manage and help with your payroll needs whether you're a single owner s-corp, or if you're a large corporation.

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Bookkeeping Service

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Business Tax Preparation

Whyte CPA provides business tax returns for LLC's, 1099, S-Corps, Schedule C, Partnerships and C-Corps

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