Payroll Services

We'll setup, manage and help with your payroll needs whether you're a single owner s-corp, or if you're a large corporation.

Payroll Services by Whyte  CPA

Payroll Services & Bookkeeping Scottsdale Arizona

Whyte CPA provides payroll services to small and medium sized businesses.

Why Choose Payroll from Whyte CPA:

  • As an accounting & CPA firm, we get wholesale rates
  • Enjoy a single service provider for all your accounting needs
  • Avoid overpaying retail rates
  • We will onboard new employees & contractors
  • Makes your life easy

Various Levels of Support:

Whether you're looking for a simple payroll setup for your single owner S-Corporation, or if you're business has scores of employees and higher turnover, Whyte CPA payroll services can be incredibly helpful and will make your life easier.

Payroll Integrated with our Outsourced Accounting Service

The primary reason why our clients choose payroll with us is because it is integrated with our outsourced accounting service, where for one flat monthly retainer, you'll enjoy all the tax, accounting, advisory and payroll service you need.

What We Focus on as an Outsourced Accountant:

  1. Aggressively lowering your taxes
  2. Providing year-round, pro-active guidance and support
  3. Saving owners time
  4. Avoiding overpaying in taxes
  5. Avoiding wasted staff hours doing accounting
  6. Help you focus on your strengths
  7. Equip ownership with helpful reporting, dashboards and financial statements
  8. Provide CFO level guidance to help you achieve your goals
  9. Deliver PRISTINE financials
  10. Keep your books up to date
  11. Ensure you never miss opportunities because of sloppy financials
With combined Tax, Accounting, Payroll & Bookkeeping Services, you gain efficiency, savings & improved guidance.

When Whyte CPA is able to do your bookkeeping & payroll, we are then in tune with your business profitability and we're able to provide really good advice to lower taxes and improve cashflow.

Not only will our advice throughout the year be in tune to your actual business needs, but you're going to have a much easier, more turn-key tax season because we house all the information in a secure and integrated manner.

Your tax return can be completed sooner, adjustments and decisions will be made wisely and before it's too late, and you're going to have solid data integrity.

Our mission is to make a real impact on business owners rather than just going through the motions, and our outsourced accounting model allows us to really serve as a full time employee that's pursuing your best interests, but do so at a fraction of the price.

Never Overpay in Tax Again

Because we're a CPA firm, we're able to get fantastic rates & wholesale opportunities.

Perfectly Setup & Run

We will make choosing and setting up your payroll system a breeze and ensure you've integrated the proper reporting & taxes.

We Serve You & Make it Easy

When you work with Whyte CPA, we'll make payroll a simple part of your business and ensure things are done right.

A Reputation You Can Count On

We've worked hard to become credible,
here's a bit of what you'll get from Whyte CPA.

Certified Public Accountant

Quickbooks Pro Advisor

5-Star Google Reviews

Never Waste Staff Time or
Overpay in Taxes Again.

Most business owners overpay in taxes, get stuck wasting time doing their own accounting & fail to scale because their accountant isn't great.

Our unique outsourced accounting service will help you keep more of your money and keep your team focused on their strengths.
Business Taxes & Tax Reduction Planning

We prepare and file business taxes with a focus on identifying ways to keep more of what you earn.

Immaculate Financials & Prompt Bookkeeping

Your financials will be setup perfectly, and we'll keep them up to date with prompt bookkeeping services.

No More Unnecessary Staff or Wasted Time

We'll finish the accounting in a fraction of the time it takes your team, and we'll save you from hiring more employees than necessary.

Scale Beyond Your Abilities with CFO Guidance

Executive level financial experience & knowledge is difficult for most entrepreneurs, we'll serve as your CFO.

Whyte CPA Tax & Accounting
Whyte CPA Tax & Accounting
Tax Accountant Near Phoenix Arizona

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If you're looking for a CPA, Tax Strategist, Accountant or Bookkeeper in the Phoenix Region, we'd be honored to connect and find out if we're a good fit for you and your business.

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Payroll Services

We'll setup, manage and help with your payroll needs whether you're a single owner s-corp, or if you're a large corporation.

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