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Keep more of what you make, never waste time on books & get pristine financials with Whyte CPA Tax & Accounting

Get Pro-Active & Aggressive
Tax Reduction Planning

We've worked hard to become credible,
here's a bit of what you'll get from Whyte CPA.

Certified Public Accountant

Quickbooks Pro Advisor

5-Star Google Reviews

Never Waste Staff Time or
Overpay in Taxes Again.

Most business owners overpay in taxes, get stuck wasting time doing their own accounting & fail to scale because their accountant isn't great.

Our unique outsourced accounting service will help you keep more of your money and keep your team focused on their strengths.
Business Taxes & Tax Reduction Planning

We prepare and file business taxes with a focus on identifying ways to keep more of what you earn.

Immaculate Financials & Prompt Bookkeeping

Your financials will be setup perfectly, and we'll keep them up to date with prompt bookkeeping services.

No More Unnecessary Staff or Wasted Time

We'll finish the accounting in a fraction of the time it takes your team, and we'll save you from hiring more employees than necessary.

Scale Beyond Your Abilities with CFO Guidance

Executive level financial experience & knowledge is difficult for most entrepreneurs, we'll serve as your CFO.


5 Ways to Reduce
Arizona Small Business Taxes

We would love to earn your business, so here's a free guide of the most common strategies we use to drastically reduce your business taxes.

Learn to write off $52,000 a year

What's the right entity for your business

Get the tax loopholes the rich use

Learn to reduce 1099

Learn How We Help
Small Business

We've built Whyte CPA to be super helpful
for small businesses and actually improve their financial standing.

We'll Handle Everything
So You Can Focus
On Your Strengths

Sure, we do accounting, taxes and bookkeeping, but we're really in the business of helping small business scale profitably.
Never Overpay in Taxes
We'll ensure your business gets the benefit of every tax loophole, reduction strategy & long term tax mitigation technique possible.
Get Pristine, Top-Caliber
Books & Financials
When we do your books, they'll be done to the highest caliber, building a foundation to grow & scale.
Avoid Hiring
Unnecessary Staff
You won't need to hire bookkeepers or accounting staff. For a fraction of the cost of a part time employee, you'll get top tier service.
Protect Yourself
from the IRS
Our goal is to help you avoid unnecessary risks that trigger IRS audits & problems. We'll do things correctly so you don't have issues.
Never Miss an
Opportunity with Mediocre Books
Your financials & accounting will help you when it's time to finance equipment, sell a business or simply manage your operations.
Year End Taxes Made
Because we handle the accounting, tax and bookkeeping throughout the year, we make the year end tax returns simple.
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Customer Reviews

Hear from our Small Business Customers
Bryan C

Devin was a key asset in cleaning up our books...he helped us grow from a $1.2M business to $3.5M, with a margin that grew from mid 40's to nearly 60% over the last three years.

Gavin Brooks

I don't have to worry about my taxes getting done, Devin starts on that process before I even know he's going and speeds me along.

Lindsey Graham

Tamila Carvalho

Devin is definitely a good choice to take care of your business or personal finances! He’s reliable and attentive to details. He is a great person to work with, would totally recommend his work to friends and Family.

Collene Bay Andersen

Devin was wonderful to work with. He is upfront, honest, and is always looking out for your best interest. We had a bit of a mess to clean up across multiple LLC's and not only did we learn a lot through Devin's guidance, but we are on track for future years. I would highly recommend to any business owner in need of a quality CPA.

Tyler of Proficient Pigeon

Absolutely hands down the best experience I have had working with a CPA. Devin is extremely patient, informative, and is extremely easy to deal with. I own a very small start up with absolutely no idea about dealing with business taxes. He came in time to rescue my books with his Bookkeeping services and tax preparation services. I highly recommend!

Scottsdale Arizona

Devin Whyte, CPA

Starting and growing a business is hard work, we work tirelessly to help you improve efficiencies and profitability.

About Us

Compilations & Reviews

Devin Whyte provides CPA Compilation and Review Services for businesses.

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Tax Reduction Planning

We'll create a comprehensive tax reduction strategy that helps you dramatically lower taxes in the short term and long term.

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Payroll Services

We'll setup, manage and help with your payroll needs whether you're a single owner s-corp, or if you're a large corporation.

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Business Startup

We'll help your business get off the ground quick and easy, avoiding getting stuck & making mistakes

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Bookkeeping Service

We provide high levels of business bookkeeping so your financials are perfect & always up to date.

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Business Tax Preparation

Whyte CPA provides business tax returns for LLC's, 1099, S-Corps, Schedule C, Partnerships and C-Corps

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Small Business CPA Arizona

Learn more about Whyte CPA Tax & Accounting, CPA Near Phoenix Arizona.

CPA Near Scottsdale Arizona

Whyte CPA Scottsdale Arizona

We're a CPA, Tax and Accounting firm serving the entire United States, but we particularly love to serve small businesses in Arizona, and in every suburb in the Phoenix Area.

We're a CPA firm near ScottsdalePhoenix, and the surrounding region.

If you're looking for a tax accountant near Scottsdale Arizona, or a CPA near Scottsdale, we'd love the opportunity to connect and show you how we differentiate ourselves from other accounting firms in Scottsdale Arizona.

Best CPA's Near Scottsdale Arizona:

If you're searching for the best CPA near Scottsdale Arizona, we'd love to connect and show you why our clients love working with us.  Whyte CPA Tax & Accounting Scottsdale is focused on bookkeeping services, tax reduction planning, payroll services and helping find ways to scale.

You could check out other places that list out the top CPA near Scottsdale, such as Yelp, Clutch, Expertise and Others. These lists of "best CPA near Scottsdale" will showcase the reviews of various CPA firms, accountants, bookkeepers and CPA's in the Scottsdale region, and show them to you.

Top 9 CPA Near Phoenix Arizona

9 Best CPA near Phoenix Arizona for Small Business

Searching for a CPA near Phoenix Arizona? 

If you're looking for the best certified public accountant near Phoenix Arizona, we'd like to introduce ourselves.  We are Whyte CPA Tax and Accounting, and we're a Phoenix CPA Accountant that focuses on small businesses, their owners, and helping them with their tax returns, bookkeeping, accounting and tax reduction planning.

You can find CPA Tax Accountants near Phoenix on Yelp, ASCPA, Clutch, Kevs Best, AZ Accountancy, Thumbtack, and tax buzz.

Here Whyte CPA Tax & Accounting, we are focused on delivering the most valuable, helpful and impactful CPA Services to not only small businesses in the Phoenix Arizona region, but we help small businesses across the United States.  We're on a mission to become the best CPA near Phoenix Arizona for small businesses that are hoping to reduce their tax, build a more scalable business and would like an outsourced accountant to keep their team focused on production and sales.

9 Best Certified Public Accountants Near Phoenix Arizona

We know that choosing a good accountant near Phoenix Arizona can be difficult, and we'd love to earn your business.

When you choose Whyte CPA Tax & Accounting Phoenix AZ, you'll get:

What you get with Whyte CPA near Phoenix:

  • Pro-active tax strategies to reduce your taxes
  • Year-long engagement & guidance as your outsourced CFO & Accounting department
  • Bookkeeping services done for you.
  • Pristine financial statements your lenders will love.
  • Corporate & Personal Tax Return Preparation
  • S-Corporation setup & optimization
  • Humble leadership to help your business grow

We recommend that you work with a Phoenix based CPA Tax Accountant that will provide leadership to actually help your business achieve a more profitable and scalable future.  Small businesses can run a more lean operation when they select a CPA firm that serves more as an outsourced accounting firm, rather than just a compliance based CPA.

Your business deserves a CPA that provides pro-active service.

Here are 9 Great CPA Near Phoenix Arizona

#1 CPA Near Phoenix Arizona- Whyte CPA Tax and Accounting

Whyte CPA Near Phoenix AZ

Whyte CPA Tax & Accounting is the top CPA Near Phoenix Arizona, serving entrepreneurs, contractors, realtors, and business owners across the United States, but particularly in the greater Phoenix area including Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Peoria, Glendale, Goodyear, Citrus Park, Gilbert, Chandler,  Carefree and Queen Creek.

Whyte CPA Tax & Accounting is near Phoenix Arizona, specializes in small business, and is dedicated to helping small business create lowered taxes, pristine financials, and a more scalable business.

Book a Tax & Accounting analysis with us!

This might sound a bit self promotional, but we're confident that when you connect with us, you'll learn what all our other clients have learned, that we deliver amazing outcomes for small businesses, and you'll love the level of attention and leadership we provide.

What Makes Whyte CPA the best CPA near Phoenix AZ:

  • Pro-active tax reduction planning
  • Bookkeeping done to perfection.
  • Technology that makes it easy to work with us
  • Leadership & guidance throughout the year
  • Wisdom about scaling a business & managing growth
  • CFO level coaching
  • Year-end tax returns done to perfection

We know there's a great deal of CPA firms near Phoenix that do a fantastic job, but we're quite a bit different than the typical Phoenix AZ Certified Public Accountant.

First off, we almost exclusively work with small businesses, and the only individual tax services we provide is to business owners. Because we're so focused on business owners, we are able to deliver better service to a small group of clients. They typical CPA near Phoenix will have 400 - 3500 tax returns they need to prepare and file each year, which means that business owners often get a rushed, hurried and quickly prepared tax return, rather than the pro-active guidance they deserve.

We meet with our business clients monthly, quarterly, and before year end.

You won't get a hastily prepared talk, you'll get pro-active advice and shrewd financial analysis that will help you build a more tax efficient and profitable business.

We know how to help small businesses move upward and forward in their profitability, scalability, efficiency and productivity, and it's our absolute pleasure to put "wind in the sales" of businesses in Phoenix Arizona.

#2 CPA Near Phoenix Arizona - Larry Betts CPA

One of our competing CPA firms near Phoenix is Larry Betts CPA, who does a pretty good job with taxes, accounting and bookkeeping. Larry Betts CPA has been doing public accounting for 15 years, and been in the greater Phoenix area for about 45 years.  Larry Betts is the second CPA near Phoenix that makes the list.

#3 CPA Near Phoenix Arizona - Price Kong CPA Phoenix

Our third best CPA near Phoenix Arizona is Price Kong Certified Public Accountant. Price Kong CPA, as of 2023, has 25 Google reviews, and has a rating of 4.7 as of the time of this little FAQ.  Senior Partner Anthony Kong leads this Phoenix CPA Firm, and they specialize in various professional industries.

#4 CPA near Phoenix Arizona - Brian Marino CPA

Our fourth certified public accountant in Phoenix Arizona is CPA Brian Marino. If you're Brian Marino specializes in tax, accounting, Quickbooks and then wealth planning. Brian Marino has a handful of Google reviews and seems to take good care of customers.

#5 Phoenix CPA Tax Accountant - Integrated Accounting Services

Our fifth selection in our roundup of Certified Public Accountants in Phoenix is Integrated Accounting Services, lead by CPA MIchael Warren, who is a CPA and CIT.

#6 Certified Public Accountant in Phoenix - Hacker Tax & Accounting

Hacker Tax and Accounting out of Phoenix is our sixth CPA in this list.  Hacker is lead by the Hacker family, Dennis Hacker, Robert Hacker and Chris Hacker. They've been in business as a public tax accounting firm in Phoenix for quite some time and make our list of CPAs near Phoenix Arizona.

#7 CPA Near Phoenix Arizona - Grass Coffey CPA Phoenix

Our seventh selection of our CPA's near Phoenix Arizona, is Grass Coffey & Scharlau CPA. Timothy Coffey & Dave Scharlau lead this Phoenix accounting firm.

#8 CPA Near Phoenix Arizona - Robert F. Hockensmith CPA

Our eight CPA near phoenix Arizona is Robert F. Hockensmith, who specializes in representing people as an EA, and CPA, to the IRS. He spent 36 years in the military and built out a very successful CPA firm here in Phoenix.

#9 Phoenix Based CPA - Traders Accounting Phoenix

Another CPA near Phoenix AZ is Traders Accounting. They're a Phoenix based CPA that specializes in serving clientele that are trading system according to the Maverick Trading System.