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Never Overpay in Taxes

We'll create a comprehensive tax reduction strategy that helps you dramatically lower taxes in the short term and long term.
Never overpay in taxes & get pro-active guidance

We work to make sure you don't miss out on any tax reduction opportunities.

Identify & utilize tax loopholes & long term strategies

The goal is to pay tax once, and do so in the lowest bracket - we'll help your family save taxes.

Obey all IRS rules, stay compliant and avoid red flags

We know how to reduce your taxes legally, ethically and in a way that doesn't get you caught in an audit.

Tax Reduction Specialist for Small Business

Utilize the foundations of sound tax reduction

Business owners often find themselves in a situation where they are overpaying in taxes because they settle for a year end, reactive tax professional rather than a proactive, year-round tax strategist.

There is a dramatic difference in the amount of taxes paid between pro-active and reactive companies.

Tax Reduction is a Bottom Line Savings

When you utilize the tax loopholes and strategies available so that you reduce your overall tax liability, you are multiplying the efforts of your business because it's a bottom line deduction.

You're probably handing too much of your own money over to the IRS or your state.

We don't want to overpromise here, but there are a number of tax reduction strategies that many small business owners simply don't know about and their accountants end up being too busy to actually implement them.

One of the major reasons business owners pay too much in taxes is because their accountant is simply too busy and has not set up a business model to identify and implement tax reduction strategies.

We are not your typical Accountant or CPA firm

The old school, typical CPA and accounting firm, built their revenues around year-end tax returns rather than providing proactive accounting, bookkeeping and tax guidance services. The result is that many CPA firms miss out on critically timed advice for their clients which leaves them stuck with a tax bill that was not necessary.

If you wait until after the end of the year to talk about write-offs, retirement plans, your S Corp. salary, fringe benefits, or any other tax reduction tool, it's already too late.

If you wait until year end to talk taxes, you're already going to pay too much.

Here at Whyte CPA, we take great pride in providing nuanced, highly specialized tax planning for every one of our small business clients and their families.

Tax planning strategies could include

  • S corporation strategies
  • Solo 401(k), SEP IRA, simple IRA or retirement plans
  • Fringe benefit plans
  • Maximizing business travel
  • Planning a lifestyle that's highly deductible
  • Maximizing company vehicle write offs
  • HSA & health insurance
  • Hiring your children and family members
  • Investing in real estate and maximizing depreciation
  • Timing your purchases & investments properly

We can help you pay your fair share and not a penny more.

LLC vs S-Corp

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Tax Reduction Planning

We'll create a comprehensive tax reduction strategy that helps you dramatically lower taxes in the short term and long term.

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Business Startup

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Bookkeeping Service

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Business Tax Preparation

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